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At 212º Wellness, we understand the frustration of working toward results, but not realizing any true improvement. Our mission is to transform lives. Our goal is to empower physical change and confidence from within by using non-invasive cold laser therapy for results, the “new-fashioned” way. Whether your goal is to release the weight, pull away from others in the athletic arena or just experience the way your body was designed to function, pain-free, we’re here for you. We have two distinct divisions to help you make total wellness a reality. From improving body image with our Zerona LipoLaser® body contouring treatments to physical rehabilitation, recovery and performance advancement through Performance Rolfing®, our results are proven, pain-free, rapid and long-lasting.

We invite you to see what 212º Wellness can do for you.

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Performance Rolfing

Performance Rolfing offers a comprehensive solution to specific issues facing athletes and persons with injuries through the combined use of Rolfing and Cold Laser technology.

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a therapy designed to achieve balance in all the systems of the body for pain free movement, and efficiency in cellular health. Rolfing optimizes the experience of living in your body, whether for daily activities, or high performance sports. Take the step now to stop hurting and start healing.

Typically when an individual comes to Performance Rolfing, it is because they are dealing with some sort of discomfort. Through my experiences, addressing the nerves throughout the body seem to be the fastest way at relieving most of these discomforts of joints and muscles. Rolfing with a Cold Laser enables us to have access to these nerves along with all other types of tissue to provide you with rapid results. Please reference the Your Technology tab for more information on how the laser is used as an adjunctive tool for your Rolfing session.

Rolfing offers the missing piece of the wellness puzzle, and the answer many of you are looking for by providing a systematic approach (10 Series) to getting your body back where it was designed to be. This in turn allows you to be more pain free and functional in daily living.

Please explore the Performance Rolfing at 212˚ Wellness website to learn how Rolfing can enhance athletic performance, alleviate chronic and acute pain, or to just take back ownership of your body.

Per-for-mance: (noun)

“the manner in which or the efficiency with which something reacts or fulfills its intended purpose”

Zerona LipoLaser

The body you want with results you’ll love

212˚ Wellness offers the non-invasive, FDA-approved Zerona® LipoLaser treatment that delivers advanced body contouring without the pain and recovery time of other treatments.

For many of us, dieting and exercise on their own are not enough to overcome the genetic limitations of body type and damaging lifestyle habits. Looking in the mirror and not liking what you see can have a debilitating effect on body-image, self-confidence, and overall happiness. Crash dieting creates undue stress on the body with impermanent results, while traditional liposuction is surgically invasive, painful, and requires a long recuperative process. Our FDA-approved Zerona LipoLaser treatment is a long-lasting, pain-free solution in body contouring. Integrating a surgery-free technology with knowledgeable, supportive consultation, 212˚ Wellness delivers rapid, targeted results that help our clients attain a confident body image, sustainable habits, mental fortitude, and the quality of life that everyone deserves.