Welcome to 212˚ Wellness

Results, the New-Fashioned Way!

At 212º Wellness, we understand the frustration of working toward results, but not realizing any true improvement. Our mission is to transform lives. Our goal is to empower physical change and confidence from within by using non-invasive cold laser therapy for results, the “new-fashioned” way. Whether your goal is to release the weight, pull away from others in the athletic arena or just experience the way your body was designed to function, pain-free, we’re here for you. We have two distinct divisions to help you make total wellness a reality. From improving body image with our Zerona LipoLaser® body contouring treatments to physical rehabilitation, recovery and performance advancement through Performance Rolfing®, our results are proven, pain-free, rapid and long-lasting.

We invite you to see what 212º Wellness can do for you.

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