Cold Laser Technology

Powerful technology and training that produces real results.

Over 1500 scientific articles about cold lasers and not one recorded side effect or symptom!

I am pleased to introduce you to “Penelope.”

She is the FDA Approved Erchonia Medical PL5000 Low Level Cold Laser. The most researched, and advanced cold laser on the market today. Erchonia is a leader in the field of cold lasers and was the first company to design an FDA approved cold laser. The applications for cold laser therapy are vast since it can be considered to be a bio-modulator (balancer) of all cells. Cold Lasers work through photochemical reactions in the cells to up-regulate cellular communication as well as increasing cellular energy. Specific protocols used regularly range from eliminating neurogenic inflammation, breaking up scar tissue, brain balancing, turning on damaged nerve roots, wound healing, and much more.

The Erchonia Laser is used as an adjunctive tool in Rolfing, and has shed light on four profound discoveries:

1. That the physiological and mechanical aspects of neurogenic inflammation might be the single most NEW factor in understanding fascial restrictions, joint malalignments, subluxations, and lesions.

2. The efferent nerves lack of cellular energy to fully fire muscles to stabilize joints may be the most important factor in why structural changes would not hold over time.

3. That the relationship between “afferent” nerve sensation, and “efferent” motor neurons may provide an explanation that defines what actually happened under Dr. Rolf’s hands, and therefore what she taught.

4. That the neurophysiology of afferent and efferent nerves, cranial nerves, sympathetic/para-sympathetic nerve balance, hemispheric brain balance, and a wide range of nutritional components can, in a positive way, significantly influence our ability to achieve the goals structural integration.

Don’t let the name trick you. The cold laser is not cold at all. There is no thermal effect on the tissue such as with surgical lasers. Beware not all lasers are created equally. Feel free to check out the link at the bottom of each page to educate yourself even further.

The laser’s main application used at Performance Rolfing is that chronic stress and tension over time drive segments of your body out of alignment. You can bet your house that the nerve that controls your chronic areas will be inflamed causing the surrounding tissue to be tight and very sensitive. Within seconds, using the laser along with Rolfing techniques, the nerve returns to its original state. This instantly changes the quality of the tissue. The precision, accuracy, and specific power of the Erchonia lasers make them among the safest treatments available.

The Erchonia Percussor

The Erchonia Percussor is another adjunctive tool used during your treatment. It is used to comfortably break up fascial and muscular adhesions, known better as Scar Tissue. The effectiveness of the Percussor allows you to feel your body respond to the treatment in real time. My clients love this mechanical device known better as “Beuford.” Specific attachments on the Percussor are optimized for use on the spine, large muscle groups of the legs and also on the more delicate shoulder muscles of the rotator cuff.

Erchonia Lasers works at a very specific biological range. Their power output is 5 milliwatts at a wavelength of 635nm.