Cold Laser Rolfing Benefits

Learn how to unlock your body, so you can be a  peak performer.

The athletic applications of Rolfing with the Cold Laser are incredibly extensive and include, but are not limited to, the following:

•   Injury Prevention = Your body is far more resilient to injury

•   Faster Cellular Healing = Laser energy expedites healing

•   Significant Decrease in Pain = Focus on performance not pain

•   Increased Ability to Recruit Muscle Fibers = You are stronger

•   Emotional Well Being: You gain a mental edge and clarity

•   More Restful Sleep = Your battery gets a better charge for recovery

•   Increased Flexibility and ROM = You are more powerful and adaptable

•   Greater Lung Capacity = You can utilize greater levels of oxygen

•   Increased Endurance = You last longer

•   Profound Proprioception = You have more efficient coordination

•   Decrease in Fascial Restrictions = Increased circulation for your body’s internal transport systems

Here is a small list of injuries or symptoms that you may have that we as Rolfers with the Laser have had significant success with:

•   Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

•   Sciatica

•   Muscle Strain

•   Muscle Tear

•   Ligament Sprains

•   Bone Fractures

•   Nerve Damage

•   Arthritis

•   TMJ Dysfunction

•   Tennis Elbow

•   Shin Splints

•   Plantar Fasciaitis

•   Surgical Procedures (Pre and Post Op)

•   Balance Problems

•   Wound Healing

•   Low Back Dysfunction

•   Rotator Cuff Dysfunction

•   Nerve Dysfunctions

•   Nerve Compression Syndromes

•   Hip Pain

•   Knee Pain

•   Shoulder Pain

•   Neck Pain

•   Back Pain