Performance Rolfing Testimonials

Some of these are lengthy, but they are the stories and experiences of these individuals. I hope what they express resonates with you. -Chris

I came to Chris Hodel at Performance Rolfing to get relief from a shoulder impingement or “frozen shoulder” problem that had been bothering me for 10 months. I tried several other methods; including massage, trigger point therapy, and physical therapy before seeing Chris. For at least 6 months I had been unable to do very basic things such as; raise my arm in any direction, dress myself, lift things as light as a quart of milk, brush my hair, etc… I was in constant pain all day & even more troubled at night. I couldn’t sleep b/c I couldn’t get my arm in a position where it didn’t hurt & I couldn’t roll onto either side. It was really debilitating, but I didn’t want to have surgery if I could avoid it. In 2 months with Chris seeing him only one time each week, I have made huge progress. I now have most of my mobility back and am in minimal pain. Suprisingly, I’m now confident that I will have full mobility again.

Chris is such a good listener, and combined with his extensive knowledge of anatomy, he seems to always get to the right source of the problem. With Cold Laser Rolfing, Chris has eased pain in my tendons, nerves, & muscles as well as helped with cranial-sacral issues and compressed discs in my neck. Also, Chris has an additional tool that I haven’t come across in other medical practitioners. Chris not only wanted to relieve my pain, he believes without a doubt that he can. He provided me hope when I was desperate, and had just about given up.

I was referred to him by an acquaintance, so I called thinking other than a little more money, what did I have to lose? After speaking with Chris, he actually “guaranteed” me that he could help me. He was not promising a cure, but he just knew unequivocally, he could reduce my pain if I was willing to try. He never acts superior or arrogant, he is just determined to find a way to help. He is my partner in getting well. He uses the information I give him to direct his treatments, empowers me with ideas of things I can do to help myself between visits, and constantly reminds me that my belief in my strength and well-being are the keys to my long term health. Thanks to Chris Hodel, I believe my body can recover from things others might say are part of the “normal aging process.” I am so grateful for Chris’ service and know where I’ll turn if other injuries happen to come my way.

-Marge Dugan

After many years playing high school, college, and professional sports, my body has taken a toll. I have suffered severe and chronic back pain that has been debilitating me in many ways. I have tried chiropractors, physical therapy, steroid shots, and even had the nerve endings in my spinal cord cauterized to help alleviate the pain- none of which worked. I was left feeling frustrated, depressed, and still in constant pain.

I was blessed to cross paths with Chris Hodel who introduced me to Rolfing. I was not sure what to expect buy was willing to try anything. By the end of our first session, I was able to hop of the table and move freely with no pain! I couldn’t believe it. I was able to do things I haven’t done in a very long time… One of which was to play baseball again with my son and run around with both of my children again. It’s the little things in life, the simple things in which we sometimes take for granted. For me, Chris gave me a piece of my life back. It feels good to be able to live, laugh, and enjoy life again. I would recommend Chris To anyone suffering from any kind of pain. His knowledge, compassion, and ability to positively impact a person’s well being can change your life… Just as he did mine.

-Chris Burt

I was initially referred to Chris by Miramont’s trainers Ethan Townsend and Pat Raymond due to issues with my left shoulder. For some reason the range of motion was getting progressively worse—and painful. Simple tasks such as turning a steering wheel, closing a car door or even putting on a jacket became very difficult. At first, I sought an opinion of a healthcare professional whose assessment was that I probably had a detached tendon and that I would probably need surgery or at the very least an MRI. I was very concerned. Then, I remembered the recommendation of the personal trainers to consider Rolfing, so I gave Chris a call and described my situation. He invited me for a talk and an initial assessment. He was caring, informative and educational. I liked Chris’ holistic and integrative approach to health and fitness, and based on the information I obtained in that visit I decided to undergo the recommended treatment.

I am very glad that I did! The progress was steady and continuous, but the progress did not stop with my shoulder. On top of regaining my shoulder function, we addressed other muscle groups which immensely improved my overall body movement and performance. Then, as a finishing touch, I learned how to exercise appropriately, more efficiently, more effectively, and with greater returns. As a result, I am in much better condition now than I ever was.

Because of Chris’ skills as a Certified Rolfer as well as his educational approach, care and professionalism (and NSCA Certification and experience as a personal trainer doesn’t hurt either), Rolfing has become an essential component of my healthcare and fitness. I am grateful for his work and consider him one of Fort Collins’ finest professionals.

Sincerely, Mirko Čanji

“I have loved working out and staying fit for my entire life. As I was aging however, I began to accept daily hip and back pain. I was continually going in for massages as well as stretching to relieve the pain. For me this would work temporarily, but the pain would always return.

I decided to try Performance Rolfing to see if it may help. After the first session, I was amazed at how I felt and that the pain did not return immediately. I then wanted to try the Rolfing 10 Series to access the deeper structural needs.

It was an amazing experience. I have been pain free and feel better, along with getting stronger in exercise. This is because I am balanced structurally as well as much more aware. In addition, I can tell when I am doing something that is going to cause strain because Chris was great at teaching me!! I highly recommend Performance Rolfing because you do not need to accept pain as a result of staying active and aging.”

-Maureen Weber

My name is Joe Newby and I am a Triple-A minor league baseball player in the Seattle Mariners organization.  I am writting this as my personal testimony to the benefits that rolfing has had upon my career and without it, I do not believe I would still be playing today.

I first stumbled onto rolfing because I was unable to figure out why I continued to get Bicep Tendonitis in my throwing arm.  This began in junior college and everytime it would flare up, it meant the trainer was going to make me take 3 weeks off to let the inflamation go down and then we would start up throwing slowly and all together I would miss anywhere from 4-6 weeks between being in games.  It began to take a heavy tole on my season.  I made it thru my freshman year missing about 12 weeks total with the problems in my bicep.  I went back home to Soldotna, Alaska and tried to play in a summer league up there, my first week my bicep hurt so bad I couldn’t lift my arm and knew that I would miss most of the season.  My parents had gotten the number to a Rolfer and was told I should try it out.  I was very skeptical because all the trainers and doctors told me that there was nothing that could be done and I just had to deal with it or learn to throw softer.  Neither were good enough answers for me!

My first appointment I was standing in front of a rolfer, barefoot in a pair of shorts and he looked me over from the feet to the shoulders and said, “OK, I think I see what’s going on here!”  He did a couple tests just like the athletic trainers and doctors had all done to test my strength.  I couldn’t resist at all, it was like pushing down a blade of grass!  I was told to lie down on the table and relax.  After about 10 minutes of lying there and being worked on, I stood up and we did the bicep tests again.  I knew that the pain was still going to be there and that nothing could have changed in 10 minutes.  I put my elbow at 90 degrees and began to resist, my eyes lit up and the pain was 99.9% gone!  I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t believe it!  After that was taken care of there was still a lot of work to be done getting the rest of my body to a point that the problems would not continue.  An hour later the session was over and I was told to take the next day easy and then go out and test my arm to see how it felt.

I went out 48 hours after my appointment and let it fly, no pain, no hesitation, full velocity and not even a hint of tendonitis in my bicep.  The athletic trainer on the team was almost outraged that I was throwing that hard and told me I was crazy and that I either lied to him about my arm hurting or it was a misdiagnosis because there was no way I would be throwing like that if it was tendonitis!  It was only the 12th time I had gotten it, so he could have been right!

Since then I have seen 2 Rolfers that have allowed me to not only push my body to the limits without fear of injury, but the peace of mind that knowing anything I might injure can be healed in 1/10th the time as usual.

If I could have a rolfer with me instead of a physical therapist, doctor, trainer, stem, and Ice, I would take them hands down.  Its something you have to personally witness to believe the affects is has on athletic performance.  No trainer will endorse it because it means that what they are doing for players and went to school for years to learn about is like putting a band-aid on a broken leg.  Sure it looks great, but it’s not helping!

Chris Hodel has worked on me a few times over the past year and with the amount of knowledge and time he has put into learning to be the best rolfer he can be, I’d put my career in his hands without hesitation.  He’s prolonged my career way beyond where I would have been without his help.

If there is a way to test some of your athletes and get a trainer to diagnose their issues and give a timeline of when they could be ready to be at full-speed again, I would love to see you give Chris the chance to work on them and not only prove to the athlete that it works, but also to yourself that this is what’s best to keep your athletes running on all cylinders!

-Joe Newby

“I turned to Rolfing as a result of chronic hip and shoulder pain. While the “10 Series” made a dramatic improvement in those areas, the most surprising result was when Chris worked on my feet in Session two.

What I had perceived as shoe companies changing the way they made shoes was actually my feet were collapsing at my arches over the years. This was causing much irritation and pain in my feet when active.

The result in Rolfing was I am able to now distribute my weight through my feet without the irritation of the past. Along with making shoe shopping easier, Rolfing has greatly enhanced my Yoga practice allowing me to feel more grounded in my psoas. Thanks Chris!”

-Beth Thiret Fort Collins, CO

After falling victim to a torn LCL and months of physical therapy, my pain still existed and my life came to a standstill. After one session of Cold Laser Rolfing, my pain immediately subsided and it took my physical therapy treatment to a whole new level. After just a few more sessions, I was back to enjoying my active lifestyle. Cold Laser Rolfing has not only helped me to recover, it has become a way of life in keeping my body in balance. I have been truly blessed to meet Chris and his healing techniques.

Teresa Chavez

After completing the 10 Series of Rolfing with Chris, my experience was an awakening, both physically and mentally. Rolfing was an interactive body realignment. I was able to take charge of my body on how I hold myself. I have a total body awareness in posture. I feel taller!

For the past 25 years, I have had monthly chiropractic adjustments for chronic shoulder and knee pain that would keep me up at night. Through Cold Laser Rolfing and Chris, I am no longer in pain. I haven’t been in to see a chiropractor for adjustments in eight months. I am a walking testimony to Chris and the Rolfing technique that he practices. I know my aging years ahead will be less painful for the work that I have done with Chris. I am still feeling the results daily from my Rolfing sessions from a year ago. Thank you, Chris, for doing what you do and doing it so well.”

-Wanda Roche Fort Collins, CO

“My experience with Chris and Performance Rolfing has been amazing! I didn’t even know what Rolfing was until I met Chris. After only my first session, I had noticed that my chronic pain in my jaw had subsided. Every Rolfing session since I feel improvement in my overall sense of well being.

“The Cold Laser that Chris uses while Rolfing is nothing short of miraculous. I am blessed to have met Chris and will tell everyone I know how great it is to work with him.”

Raving Fan

-Mike Kraft Denver, CO

“I did not fully understand Rolfing when I began working with Chris, but I trusted his abilities from his experience as my personal trainer. I suffered fracture in my spine from a motocross crash and decided to see if Chris could help. I began to see results in the first session.

I hoped to relieve my specific back pain. Not only did my pain go away, but many other unexpected benefits resulted. Aches and pains I simply took for granted had disappeared in my feet, back, neck, knees, and hips.

The best way I can describe Rolfing is that it feels like your body is being reset to its original blueprint. The reset results in eliminating tightness and chronic aches. I am a believer in the Rolfing 10 Series and more importantly a believer in Chris’ ability to improve his clients well-being.”

-Shane Brown Fort Collins, CO

“For the past 8 years I have had chronic back pain, and been unable to exercise. Negative MRI’s and X-Rays lead me to Chiropractics and Massage, which only provided minor relief. After explaining my problems to Chris, he educated me about the “Ten Series” and how Rolfing would be a great fit to give me some relief.

Along with the treatment, he coached me on body awareness, which I was oblivious to. The minor corrections Chris made began showing major improvements as my body adapted to the new positions it has been long searching to find. I could feel and notice subtle and major changes in my posture, alignment, muscle relaxation, and my 8 years of back pain has reduced by about 80% after only 7 sessions!

Both the laser and Percussor Chris uses to stimulate and relax the nerves are just amazing. My body is so eager to go back to its original position and alignment. What is amazing for me is that all of these corrections are holding, and each session we progress to a higher level of order.

I am so grateful that I’m getting major relief after believing there would be no hope but to live with chronic pain. I would highly recommend Chris and Cold Laser Rolfing to anyone. Thanks Chris!”

-Heath McVay Loveland, CO