Zerona LipoLaser FAQs

How much does a ZeronaTM Body Sculpting Program cost?

Your total cost is determined by how much you wish to sculpt and where.  Typically ZeronaTM costs about half the cost of traditional liposuction. You can obtain the most accurate price by scheduling your consultation. It takes only 20 minutes and there’s no obligation. Working together, we’ll be able to determine the precise cost of your program.

How do I know if ZeronaTM Body Sculpting will work for me?

During the consultation, you will be asked a series of questions regarding health history to determine if indeed you are a candidate for the Zerona LipoLaser.  Pregnant women and those trying to get pregnant are not candidates.

How Can I Maximize My Results?

We will provide you with the materials, education, support and success strategies to ensure you achieve the  best possible inch reduction.  Prior to your first Zerona treatment, make sure you are completely hydrated, start taking your Curva supplement one week ahead and most importantly… be prepared to succeed!

How important is it to use the supplement Curva and to drink plenty of fluids during the two week treatment period?

These are essential if you want to achieve the best results.  The doctor will review his recommendations with you at your consultation.

Will the Zerona™ get rid of cellulite?

The Zerona™ laser reduces contours due to excess fat, not cellulite.  Your cellulite may be smoothed or altered depending on the tissue below the skin.

Where does the fat go?

Fat removed by the Zerona™ is metabolized and eliminated by your digestive system.  Your ability to metabolize the fat is determined by your genetic makeup. The ‘liquid fat’ places an increased demand on your liver and lymphatic system for removal. To maximize your liver’s function Dr. Prather’s Rejuvenate & Detoxification Program is essential.

Can the fat return?

As with liposuction, gaining weight by poor diet and exercise habits may undo the results of the Zerona™ laser.  Changing lifestyles to accommodate your new body with exercise, proper hydration and correct food selection ensures you to enjoy your sculpted results for years to come.

When can I expect to see the results?

Typically your results are seen about one week after completion of your Zerona™ laser treatment. Several clients have noticed changes in the first week.  You could notice your pants are looser, that you need a different notch on your belt, or that your can now fit into that dress you love.

What happens to the fat once it leaves the adipocyte?

Once the fat is in the interstitial space, it is naturally processed by the body through the lymphatic system, and sub sequentially excreted without the negative side effects and downtime associated with more invasive procedures

How Does Zerona Compare To Other Cosmetic Procedures?

Unlike Liposuction Surgery, MesotherapyTM, LipodisolveTM, and other invasive procedures, with ZeronaTM nothing ever touches your skin.
ZeronaTM is completely non-invasive.
Since no damage is done to the tissues under the skin, there is no risk for unsightly bumps or uneven contours as result of destruction and removal of the fat cells.   And of course, since there are no recorded side effects with Low-Level Laser Therapy, this non-invasive procedure is much safer.