Zerona LipoLaser

The body you want with results you’ll love

212˚ Wellness offers the non-invasive, FDA-approved Zerona® LipoLaser treatment that delivers advanced body contouring without the pain and recovery time of other treatments.

For many of us, dieting and exercise on their own are not enough to overcome the genetic limitations of body type and damaging lifestyle habits. Looking in the mirror and not liking what you see can have a debilitating effect on body-image, self-confidence, and overall happiness. Crash dieting creates undue stress on the body with impermanent results, while traditional liposuction is surgically invasive, painful, and requires a long recuperative process. Our FDA-approved Zerona LipoLaser treatment is a long-lasting, pain-free solution in body contouring. Integrating a surgery-free technology with knowledgeable, supportive consultation, 212˚ Wellness delivers rapid, targeted results that help our clients attain a confident body image, sustainable habits, mental fortitude, and the quality of life that everyone deserves.