Zerona® Z6 Non-Invasive
Fat-Loss Laser

Fat-Loss Treatments for Men and Women

For busy people who want to look and feel their best! Lose fat and inches from non-invasive laser treatments that take less time than your lunch hour.

The Zerona Z6 non-invasive fat-loss laser is safe and effective on stubborn areas of fat that diet and exercise won’t budge. It uses low-level laser technology at specific wavelengths to target fat cells. The only thing that touches your skin is the light from the laser, and you can’t feel it.

The Zerona low-level laser liquifies excess fat stored inside fat cells. Temporary pores open in the cells that allow the harmful liquid fatty content to seep out. Your lymphatic system then removes the fat from your body. Your fat cells get smaller; they aren’t frozen and killed or suctioned out like in other treatments. Fat cells are actually an important part of your body, and removing the excess fat helps the cells to reset and improve their function.

Look and feel your best while leaving time for what’s most important in your life.

You’ll receive your Zerona laser treatment in one of our spa-like, private treatment rooms. You will lie on a cushioned table on your back under the Zerona’s six adjustable laser heads that target the fat cells beneath the treatment area. The lasers have no heat to them, so you won’t feel a thing. After 20 minutes you’ll turn to your front, and then you’re done. Once we set up the laser for your targeted areas, the laser operates unattended, so the time is truly yours. You can take a quick nap, read, or listen to music. Think of it as a time to practice self-care and enjoy some relaxation.

To find out if Zerona fat-loss laser treatments are right for you, we offer a complimentary consultation. Brittany, our Zerona provider, will learn about you, your health habits, your weight loss goals, and your expectations. Ask about our 20-Minute Challenge and see what Zerona can do for YOU.

At the end of your consult, if you are a good candidate and likely to see benefit from Zerona, Brittany will create a personalized treatment plan for you based on the goals you both discussed and agreed upon. Packages are available for purchasing multiple sessions at a discounted rate. Contact us for more information.

Comprehensive Programs

Although Zerona is considered to be a cosmetic fat-loss laser, our programs are designed to be fully comprehensive rather than superficial. This approach maximizes your results to reach superior overall health. We focus on the concept of transformation in all aspects to leave you feeling and looking your absolute best. We achieve this by incorporating a combination of the following based on your individual needs:

Ask us about Food Sensitivity Testing and how your diet could be effecting your health and well being!

Zerona Membership Program

212° Wellness offers a service option designed to extend the benefits of Zerona for those who have successfully completed their programs. We have created membership-based options as a sign of appreciation to our dedicated clients for their commitment to our business, but most importantly, to themselves. These programs include all the same perks and support as our initial programs but at a reduced rate to reward your loyalty. Memberships include one session per week at a discounted rate based on the number of months you commit to your program. Contact us for more information.

Zerona Fat-Loss Laser FAQ

Clients in clinical trial studies lost an average of 3.72 inches in just six 40-minute sessions. Since everyone’s body is different, your individual results may vary.

The Zerona Z6 laser is FDA cleared for treatment anywhere from the neck down. That means you can treat virtually any body part including your waist, hips, thighs, back, and more.

Fat cells are essential to your body’s day-to-day functioning. They help regulate your metabolism, support your immune system, and produce hormones and proteins. Healthy fat cells also help the liver process and remove extra fat and toxins and help muscles keep blood sugar low. Fat cells that become enlarged and unhealthy can lead to a host of health problems. That causes people to turn toward fat eliminating procedures such as fat freezing or liposuction in response. Studies show that your body may react by growing new fat cells to replace the ones that were lost, potentially leading to even more fat cells than you had before.

The Zerona Z6 cold laser is ideal for anyone who wants to feel better about their appearance by losing fat. Zerona laser treatment is most effective on people who are generally in good health and are committed to their treatment plan. We do offer more extensive treatment options for those experiencing more challenging issues in relation to their health, weight, and diet.

This depends on how quickly your body is able to process fat and your level of “toxicity.” Some people see results after just a few treatments while others may not notice results until closer to the end of their treatment cycle.

Each treatment lasts 40 minutes – lie on a comfortable table in a private room for 20 minutes on your back and 20 minutes on your front. The number of treatments you will need depend on your fat-loss goals.

The Zerona laser is a low-level laser in the red spectrum of light that emits no heat and causes no damage to your body. It a different type of laser than ones used for surgery. There are no pain, downtime, or side effects from a Zerona laser treatment. Many people report feeling lighter following a Zerona treatment, which may be from the bio-stimulation process that’s beginning in your fat cells.

The Zerona low-level laser stimulates and collapses fat cells and liquifies the excess fat stored inside. This releases fat into your lymphatic system where it is removed from your body. Your fat cells remain intact and able to perform their important function within your body.

Since Zerona helps you lose actual fat and not water weight, your results are permanent as long as you maintain a calorie neutral diet. There is no risk of fat relocation commonly seen with other procedures such as CoolSculpting.

The Zerona laser is FDA market cleared for body circumference reduction and body contouring. Eleven clinical trials show the treatment to be safe and effective for weight loss for men and women.

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